Just Artists in Town – cultural host – initiator – mediator

For cultural installation and conscience promotion. Together for the city community – for the artists and the economy of the city!

Our set accent at Fashion Week is also the launch of the cultural and business platform Just Artists in Town. Our commitment to Fashion Week in the current context of the “selling” of Fashion Week to Frankfurt is our statement for Berlin’s urban culture.

We offer all fashion designers in the city who are willing to take on responsibility to take fashion in Berlin to a new level. We bring the creative and commercial forces together and set impulses. Many companies in Berlin’s economy can hardly wait to get involved and thus also strengthen the attractiveness of the Berlin region.

We are very pleased that Samira Günther, owner of PR Event, has succeeded in putting the Fashion week online and managing this great event in a charming way.

This much can be said – Berlin will not only shine with a new format in the perception of fashion. To the delight of the creative artists and Berlin companies. We will discuss detailed information about our approach and what is interesting for you in a personal meeting.

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Brand ambassador for Just Artists in Town?