Why an ethical pact?

We do belief that our future in private and professional life will be strongly shaped by values that have been forgotten. And we would like you, if you want to help shape this transformation for the benefit of the urban community, to read our ethical pact carefully, so that you can make a conscious decision for this kind of conscientious objection before you register for free. We would be pleased if you would like to become a part of the city community through this act of trust.

Ethical pact

Ethical pact for the promotion of conscience* between artists and Just Artists in Town

*Conscience promotion – describes a creative-communicative encounter at eye level, which follows certain values and rules

  • Colleague instead of employee
  • Recognition and praise for others and your own performance
  • Return a small part of the revenue generated to the Community
  • Appreciation and sensitivity in human contact
  • Working on losing your own importance
  • Push the ego into the background
  • Curious about new unknown and still unconscious development processes

The seven points of the ethical pact

  1. I pledge to act with this ethical pact for the good of the community
  2. I want to respect the principle of the promotion of conscience and stand up for it 
  3. I am aware and I am happy about the privilege of being an artist. I would like to use this privilege and put it into the service of my fellow men and contribute to the advancement of the community
  4. I realize that in order to do this, I have to push back my own ego
  5. I want to stand up for the values and rules that apply to me and Just Artists in Town and defend them with humility 
  6. I am willing to give back a small part of the profits I make in cooperation with JAiT to the JAiT artist community for the promotion of art projects
  7. I want to take an active part in this process of change within the scope of my possibilities and thus also give my personal development a positive direction

We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.